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    Five Star Stories Mortar Headds:

    1. Knight of Gold “Lachesis”
    2. Schleptor
    3. Empress Flame
    4. Gastness Temple
    5. Phantom
    6. Siren R
    7. Auge
    8. Bang Doll
    9. Knight of Gold A.T.

    Wait wait wait. 

    Why hasn’t someone told me to check out Five Star Stories?!!!

    Look at these robot designs! They are crazy good!

    I must learn more about this.


  2. Anonymous asked: what do you think about transgender people? people that identify as a different gender but don't have dysphoria with their bodies. are they harming transexuals with dysphoria? i've heard that they steal and destroy hope from transexuals but i'm not sure how i feel about it. which position has the best outcome for everyone? i'm leaning towards let them identify as whatever they want but it could be because i don't understand how it's harmful?


    I identify as transgender.  I use it as an umbrella term because I don’t feel like telling people what my specific business is in casual conversation.  I’ve never heard it defined as people identifying as a different gender sans dysphoria.  But whatever.  People are free to use whatever words and whatever definitions for themselves that they want.  I always find it best to listen to who someone is, rather than tell them.  The best position for everyone is support, understanding, and love.  There is definitely bigotry within the trans-umbrella.  I’ve seen really gross things aimed at different subsets by other subsets—and it just mystifies me.  If you’ve dealt with the horrific nature of trying to live one day in front of the other in this world, the idea that you would turn around and try to replicate that horror for another group based upon who they are is amazing to me.  How can you lack so much perspective to use the relatively low privilege of one group to hit down at another group?

    I think that it’s good to think about one’s behavior in terms of other people, and consider whether you are interacting in a way treats others as human beings deserving of a shared dignity and weight of experience, or as the opportunity to project your own poison out into the world to serve your own ego.  I think so much of these sorts of things are people wanting to so fully impose their own ego on the world around them, that they can’t hear what’s  actually going on, and lose some ability to love.  One of the very few good things about consciousness is the opportunity to hear others.  Don’t waste that just to score personal points.

    Is my thinking anyways.  So yeah.  Listen to what people call themselves, because you’re not going to get any kind of far by telling them what to call themselves.

    The notion that a group of people would see another group of people living their lives in the way that makes them most happy, and in a way that doesn’t directly harm anyone—the notion that that group is destroying hope is hateful and absurd. Be human.  Lil Wayne probably said that.

  4. comicblah:

    Jonny Quest by Chris Samnee

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  5. oldbookillustrations:

    Marpessa sat alone by the fountain.

    Helen Stratton, from A book of myths, by Jeanie Lang, New York, 1915.

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    Mister X posters by Paul Rivoche and Jaime Hernandez…

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  8. f-l-e-u-r-d-e-l-y-s:

    Lost Underwater Lion City: Rediscovery of China’s ‘Atlantis

    Qiandao Lake is a man-made lake located in Chun’an County, China, where archeologists have discovered in 2001 ruins of an underwater city. The city is at a depth of 26-40 meters and was named “Lion City”. There would have been 290,000 people living in this city during more than 1300 years.

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    Cully Hamner design and style guides for Renee Montoya/The Question.

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    Can we all just take a moment to appreciate Yoann’s Spirou illustrations?

    Wonderful. I wish his albums were these awesome too :(

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